We are here to bring plus value to your business through Technology
Welcome To PLUSAR
Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We generate business value through technology

We help our customers to strengthen their core competencies
We take over the chalenges of technolgies changes
We support our customers to implement the best solutions that fit their needs

We have client success oriented culture

We learn from our customers and we provide solutions that support them best
We treat our customers with honesty and respect
We measure success by our customers’ satisfaction

We deliver outstanding innovative solutions

We work with the latest technologies to provide the right solutions.
We combine legacy code with modern technolgies.
We are always looking to inovate, this is who we are.

Meet the IT workplace with a flat organisational structure that encourages self-management and remote work. The way you work makes all the difference.

Starting with 2014 we accepted the challenge to launch Plusar IT Consulting in Cluj business market. We started out with 2 people, and today we're a company with more then 10 IT experts, located in different cities from our country. With a remote work culture our team has the possibility of working from home, from office and even on site, based on our client's demand.

In order to provide high quality and business value to our customers we provide end to end solutions using latest technologies. Focusing on client success we handle each project with passion and respect. In our days, the IT industry is one of the most dynamic ones and therefor we are continuously looking to improve our expertise.

We have


Proactivity is the key of perfromance. By thinking forward we like to take the initiative, anticipate, prepare and respond to an expected occurrence.
We respond in a forward thinking way and our focus is on cost-effective solutions.


With a flexible state of mind we are able to listen and adapt to our customers needs and in this way we manage to deliver a practical approach to customer requirements.
We are flexible to changes and open to learn new things every day.


We set high standards for ourselves in all we do, we take initiative and we learn from our mistakes. Getting out of the comfort zone, stretches our own boundaries and exceeds expectations.


We strongly belive that our passion brought us here today. We focus on innovations that matter and we are continuously moving forward and improving.
We recognise talent and potential and we encourge our team members to act on their passions and apply it in their work!


We would love to hear from you!

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